What’s your foundation? Or, Praying Like a Revived Church

House on the Rock

Everyone builds his or her life around something.

We’ve seen people who build their lives around their job. Their job is everything. It gives them purpose, meaning, and even their identity. ‘I’m a musician,’ someone might say. ‘I’m a lawyer [God help them],’ another might say. Or, someone will say, ‘I’m a teacher.’

Other people build their lives around the heroes they follow (or admire to the point of worship). We see that all the time in Massachusetts with fully grown adults wearing a jersey with ‘Gronk’ or ‘Big Papi’s’ name on it.

Then there are the adults who build their lives around their children. They won’t admit it, but they vicariously live out their dreams through their kids. They get their kids to do all of the things they wanted to do as kid so they push their kids to play sports, learn to play the piano, be in every school play, or enter every science fair.

Then there are the parents who build their lives around their kids by spoiling their children. They choose what to eat because of what the kids like. They constantly drive their kids from one activity to another and choose activities and movies because the kids like them. They almost seem to be asking for their children’s permission for almost everything.

Obviously our children need to be a high priority in our lives, but what I’m describing is what happens all too often: Some parents allow the kids to more or less be in control. That makes for a very shaky life foundation.

However in 1 Corinthians 3:10-11, Paul talks about building our lives on Someone who is more stable and more permanent. Paul says we should build our lives on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. He’s right of course, but we might ask, ‘How do we do that?’ It’s one thing to say we need to build our lives on the solid foundation of Jesus, but it’s quite another to know HOW to do that.

Well, Jesus tells us how in the passage giving us the Lord’s prayer. In Matthew 6:9b-11, Jesus gives us the pattern: ‘“Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.”’

So now you ask, ‘How does this tell me how to build my life on Jesus?’

It’s simple. How does Jesus tell us to start this prayer? He says, ‘“Our Father in heaven…”’ Our prayers and our thoughts should consciously start with God in mind.

Next, we pray that His name will be honored. We pray that His kingdom will be a reality and not a wish. Then we pray that His will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

However, something wonderful happens to us when we make the conscious choice to start praying for God’s Kingdom to be in evidence on this earth. It happens when we begin to pray that His will, will be done on this earth as it is in heaven. His Spirit works in our hearts and minds and we begin to change. He works in us to reshape our thinking. He does the work, but before we know it, our priorities and needs begin to change.

In the second half of the Lord’s prayer, Jesus talks about us asking for our needs. This is where the beauty is seen. What we start asking for is different. What we ‘need’ is different. Our ‘stuff’ has been changed and we see the world differently. That’s a beautiful thing.

How different might the world be if Christians would really live, and pray, this way. That kind of praying might spark a revival!


Pray For An Awakening is the revival prayer ministry of Christ the King Church, 4 Railroad Ave., Suite 309 in Wakefield, MA  01880.

You can find out more about the church at our web site: http://www.ctknorthshore.org.  For our Japanese web site: http://www.ctkNorthShore.Tumblr.com. You’re also invited to check out our podcasts at http://christthekingnorthshore.podbean.com. Or, you can email us at ChristtheKingNorthShore@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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